Highlighting impact and innovation

Donna Cox, Principal Investigator and Lead Curator for the Showcase area, recently contributed this overview of the intent and vision behind XSEAD’s curation effort:

XSEAD provides a place where the public and uninitiated inquisitors can easily find and see broad impact and entrepreneural innovations that have evolved from synergies across science, engineering, art, and design (SEAD). These curated examples provide historical and current collaborations where their outcomes have traceable value to society.

XSEAD provides a place to point to little-known connections across time and space, where “two cultures” meet and create these broad impacts and entrepreneural innovations.

Examples might include collaborations that generate socially relevant emergent technologies, new knowledge, novel storytelling, medical insights, thought-changing, outward-reaching historical markers, that characterize the emerging interdisciplinary SEAD communities and the challenges that the members embrace.

How do we measure success from collaborations across disciplines? My goal is to find and highlight these examples for public display. I am looking for those examples. Please send suggestions.

Donna J Cox

Donna J Cox

Donna J. Cox, MFA and PhD. She is Director of the Advanced Visualization Lab at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and Director of the Illinois eDream Institute, Professor in School of Art and Design, University of Illinois. She hold the Michael Aiken Endowed Chair. She works with scientists to develop visualizations for discovery and outreach. In 1986, Cox developed ‘Renaissance Teams,” interdisciplinary groups of artists and scientists devoted to problem-solving.

View her contributions to the XSEAD Curation effort at: http://xsead.ame.asu.edu/organizations/7 and http://xsead.ame.asu.edu/organizations/1