Growing XSEAD

Today, we’ve invited over 300 users to become the first users in XSEAD. This represents our first wave of participants. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be inviting more and more people from the community to take part in what we hope will become a home for creative works, innovative processes and explained outcomes that cut across the traditional boundaries of arts, design, science and engineering.

While we’re growing the platform, XSEAD will be invitation only but anyone can still view all of the content housed with it from extensive resources, curated sets and works developed by leading organizations and representatives to community contributed projects.  To help us with that, every invitee can introduce XSEAD to someone new through invitations. We’re giving every member one invite per month to help us grow a diverse and vibrant community.

We want to invite exciting talent from around the world to participate and help us create a platform that works for the community. So in addition to invitations, we’ll also be inviting new community members in waves every few weeks. If you have recommendations or distribution lists you’d like to have included in these invite groups, get in touch!