Community Challenges – Exploring Collaboration across Arts/Science

Within XSEAD, we feel it is as important to document the outcomes of integrative collaboration as it is to understand how that outcome came to be and how people are working across arts + science towards innovation and impact. We want to understand the context in which our our collaborations are operating.

To do this, we’ve dedicated an entire area of the community section of XSEAD to documenting how the community works across disciplines. This section will issue a challenge on a weekly basis which will ask each member of the community to contribute a response to a broad question. These question may concern the opportunities, challenges and future of collaboration across arts and science or the diverse methods, tools and techniques people employ to negotiate collaboration across arts/science towards the development of integrative works.

Each week, we’ll be issuing a new challenge to the community in the form of a question and once issued there’ll be three days to complete it. Today, we’re opening up our first challenge…

Our First Challenge

“Wicked problems (e.g. environmental impact, poverty, globalization, health, etc.) often transcend disciplinary bounds. How does your current work connect to grand global challenges?”

Over the past few months, we’ve presented and discussed XSEAD with many people involved in art/science collaboration and almost every time the importance of grand challenges and wicked problems has surfaced in some form. Nothing seemed more appropriate for our first challenge than to engage the community in discussing what are the grand challenges and wicked problems they’re grappling with and how they elevate collaborations beyond the typical disciplinary silos.

Why not participate in the challenge now?