Showcase – An Overview

One of the three key sections of XSEAD is ‘Showcase’. In this post, we’ll be explaining a little bit more about it, with a view to announcing a lot more over the next few weeks.

The primary goal for the portal is the creation of a curated section on exemplar projects. In the past few months we’ve worked hard to form a board of leading representatives from the community. The board is tasked with selecting and curating a diverse set of exemplars, and with providing representation to the spectrum of communities and stakeholders covered by XSEAD.

To make this happen, we’ve partnered with distinguished organizations and community leaders, who have a rich history of contribution to knowledge surrounding integrative works, where arts and design perspectives advance science and engineering. Each organization has assigned a curator who will develop a subsection within the Showcase for their organization.

Each member of the board will craft at least one set of curated exemplars. These will represent the curator’s (and/or affiliated organization’s) perspective on the history and prospects of the field. Each set will contain approximately five prior works from a particular domain or area, prefaced with a short foreword. In short, this section will deliver sets of high-quality examples of integrative works.

With our curatorial board formed, our curators are working hard to produce rich overviews of SEAD projects. Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be telling you more who they are and what they’re working on!